Artes (Germany)

The company ARTES Valve & Service GmbH manufactures special control valves for oil & gas, power and chemical industries. Control ball valves, desuperheater and steam-convertor valves by ARTES are precise, durable, and custom designed for certain requirements and special applications specified by the client.

BAC Valves

BAC Valves (Spain)

The company was founded in 1958 and manufactures high-quality ball and butterfly valves in accordance with fire safety and NACE requirements as a standard execution, which are being used for different operating conditions and with different types of controls. Since 2009 “Energomash” manufactures “BAC Valves” products under the relevant License agreement in Velikiy Novgorod.

Bifold Group

Bifold Group (United Kingdom)

The company is widely known in the field of development and manufacture of different types of pneumatic and hydraulic valves (solenoid valves included) used in control systems of actuators for control and on-off valves as well as the wide range of different control instrumentation. All products are made of stainless steel and can be used at the ambient temperature of minus 60°С and on offshore platforms.

Broady Flow Control

Broady Flow Control (United Kingdom)

Broady Flow Control is a world leader in manufacture of safety relief valves. For more than 75 years company specializes on its production and supply for both different industries and the navy. The company is a part of “Valvitalia Group”.

Continental Disc Corporation

Continental Disc Corporation (USA)

The corporation founded in 1965 is the leading global manufacturer of rupture disc devices for a variety of process industries, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, electronics, and other markets worldwide.

Control Seal

Control Seal (the Netherlands)

A company with long-term experience in the area of designing and manufacturing of valves for special applications. Rising Stem Ball Valves are being used in high and low temperature working conditions, frequent stroking and repeated thermal cycles. Double Block & Bleed Valves are being installed in commercial metering lines and in the units providing guaranteed separation of different types of working fluids.


Descote (France)

Having started its history in 1974, the company currently has more than 40 years of unique experience in  design, manufacture and supply of special valves for chemical, petrochemical and refining industry which are able to work in the  most aggressive and hazardous fluids, conditions and processes.


Goodwin (United Kingdom)

More than 35 years of impeccable reputation in the field of manufacturing and supplies of Dual Plate check valves of original design let the company to receive the worldwide recognition. Compact design, minimal dimensions and weight make Goodwin valves almost single option solution in offshore platforms and pipeline transport applications. The company also produces non-slam axial check valves. The minimal hydraulic resistance of the valve and no service required during the whole period of exploitation provides its optimum application in gas and oil transportation systems.


Groth (USA)

The company founded in 1960 is the leading global manufacturer of industrial vacuum relief valves, flame arresters, blanket gas regulators and other low pressure safety devices.


Guardbox (Италия).

“Guardbox” present а range of limit switches boxes designed for demanding application in extreme environments. “Guardbox” products ensure the highest level of reliability and safety and meet all the requirements of up-to-date standards.
“Eisenbau” (Italy), which owns the brand “Guardbox”, has several decades of successful international experience in the field of the technological processes control.

HH Valves Ltd

HH Valves Ltd (United Kingdom)

More than 50 years of the honored reputation as the manufacturer of the wide range of pipeline valves of in-house design made of forged and cast materials for power, oil and gas industries including wedge and parallel gate valves, globe and check valves.


ONIS (France)

ONIS Quick-Action Line Blinds are highly-effective and absolutely reliable system of the main pipelines shutdown. Being an alternative to the traditional spectacle blinds, they let a considerable increase of the economical efficiency of manufacturing by means of labour saving and reduction of blinding time. Quick-Action Line Blinds can blind pipes in minutes with one person only and zero tools.


Redpoint (the Netherlands)

The company Red Point Alloys is located in the Netherlands and operates in the market of special valves for over 25 years. The range of its capabilities covers the production of special valves made of standard materials and standard valves made of special materials. The strength and secret of success of the company — high quality of manufacturing, flexible approach to problem solving and short delivery time.

RF Valves

RF Valves (Finland)

The company RF Valves offers the most complete range of pinch valves with a diameter up to 1000 mm designed to work in the abrasive and corrosive operating fluids. Products are being used by pulp and paper, mining, chemical and power industries around the world.


Richter (Germany)

Over several decades the company designs and manufactures the wide range of lined pipeline valves for the most corrosive and hazardous operation conditions: ball valves, butterfly valves, control, safety, check valves etc. The careful choice of the polymer coating for each specific case makes it possible to fully satisfy high requirements of the customers.


Servovalve (Italy)

The company was founded in 1976 and specializes in designing and manufacturing of hydraulic, pneumatic, pneumohydraulic and electrohydraulic actuators of standard and special executions for different applications, including severe service applications such as high stroking frequency and aggressive environment, high requirements for limitation of actuators` dimensions.

Smith Flow Control

Smith Flow Control (Great Britain)

Smith Flow Control is a British company which specializes on design, manufacturing and supply of integrated mechanical valve control equipment and valve management systems to provide highly reliable, engineered process management solutions, which greatly enhance safety and effective environmental protection. Unique locking devices and systems can be installed during construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities, as well as on working production without technological processes being stopped as they are mounted on valve stems as handwheels.

Termovent SC

Termovent SC (Serbia)

Since 1963 the company specializes in the manufacturing of wedge gate valves, globe valves and check valves, filters and traps used in a variety of industries.


Ulma (Spain)

The company, established in 1962, is located in the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Nowadays ULMA has a world recognition of leadership as a flanges and pipeline accessories manufacturer. Ulma offers the widest possible range of flanges and the product line embodies the highest standards for quality and reliability, combines with cutting-edge technology, experience and tradition of excellence. The products are being out of a great variety of materials, including special alloys – for different pressure and temperature applications.


Valvitalia (Italy)

The company is the largest European designer and manufacturer of pipeline valves, producing its equipment at eight plants, five of which are located in Italy. On Russian market JSC “Energomash” represents “Control Valves Division” which produces control valves. The wide range of products includes rotary, reciprocating and special valves, as well as and pneumatic actuators.

Viar Valvole

Viar Valvole (Italy)

The company has more than 25 years of experience in pipeline valves manufacturing. The range of the manufactured products includes floating and trunnion mounted ball valves, split body and fully welded design within the range of up to DN 1500 and PN 420, also suitable for subsea installation.

ZWICK Armaturen

ZWICK Armaturen (Germany)

30 years experience in design and production of valves guarantee high standard products being produced state-of-the-art. The triple offset butterfly valves TRI-CON are specially designed for severe services where they are being used as on-off and control valves. TRI-CON valves incorporate a unique third offset design with a true cone-in-cone seating and a reliable zero-leakage performance and allow bi-directional tightness. Based on this design the company has also developed and manufactures triple offset check valves TRI-CHECK.

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